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  • Carolina People: Ion Outterbridge

    Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, 5 years at Carolina

  • Carolina People: Donald Quilinquin

    Master Carpenter at PlayMakers Repertory Company, 1.5 years at Carolina

  • Carolina People: Nicole Buickerood

    Carmichael Residence Hall Community Director, 2 years at Carolina  

  • Carolina People: Kristina Herrera

    Carolina's Makerspaces are centers for creativity, and Kristina Herrera wants more faculty and staff to have fun using them.

  • Carolina People: Jenny Marvel

    Jenny Marvel sees parallels between her life and her work at the Ackland Art Museum.

  • Carolina People: Monica Hill

    What does Monica Hill like best about her job supporting scholastic journalism throughout North Carolina? Working with great people, of course. "I have the advantage of working with the best philanthropists in education because high school journalism teachers give so much to students," she said.

  • Carolina People: Maria Dykema Erb

    Maria Dykema Erb sees it as a gift to be able to work with so many students from such diverse backgrounds and help them find community as they transition into graduate school. "It's where I am supposed to be," she said.

  • Carolina People: Paul Hoecke

    When Paul Hoecke thinks about the contributions the UNC Print Shop and Copy Shop makes to Carolina, he thinks about the 8,500 orders the shop handled last year. When he thinks about how all those ordered were completed, he thinks about teamwork. "There’s really no “I” here," he said.

  • Carolina People: Mari Diaz

    Mari Diaz is inspired by students who come into CAPS seeking psychological services: "They're bright, hardworking, service-oriented and often motivated to work on themselves."

  • Carolina People: Shonda L. Goward

    What Shonda L. Goward likes most about her job as academic director of the Carolina Covenant is getting to know students who are not only academically curious, but kind and thoughtful people interested in making Carolina better for the students who come after them.