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  • Carolina People: Jamie Burgess-Flowers

    “Being able to help students think about how they can provide better patient care and how to navigate really difficult or complex patient scenarios is a lot of fun. It makes me feel like I’m creating a bigger impact than I could if I weren’t working at a university.”

  • Carolina People: Scott Hankins

    “When an exhibition is no longer an idea, but a tangible thing you can experience — that’s what I like most about my job. Plus, I get to work with great art all day.”

  • Carolina People: Sarah Arnold

    “I love being around this kind of creativity. The passion that people have here at Carolina is great.”

  • Carolina People: Shereka Dunston

    “My favorite part of my work is interacting with students who are excited about violence prevention work. I absolutely love hearing students’ ideas.”

  • Carolina People: Phil Edwards

    “We’re trying to help folks develop themselves in ways that are meaningful to them or that are most salient to them in a career development kind of way, in addition to teaching and learning.”

  • Carolina People: Theresa Silsby

    “The primary directive of my team is delivering customer service, and I believe I have a great team that does that very well.”

  • Carolina People: Laurie Selz-Campbell

    “I feel like I’ve been supporting Carolina’s mission in terms of equity, inclusion and showing up for students.”

  • Carolina People: Anthony Teasdale

    ‘I have found it helpful to get outside and exercise, communicate with family and friends as much as possible even if it is virtual/video, practice gratitude and appreciation, and find fun projects to work on. I love to travel, so I’ve been making movies of my travel photos.’

  • Carolina People: Clara Yang

    “I have had neighbors, strangers and a lot of different people writing to me to say thank you for the music I have worked on because it made their day better.”

  • Carolina People: Travis Henderson

    ‘If we can make business processes more efficient, faculty and staff spend more time on their important research or instruction.’