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  • States' fight over abortion information catches tech in crossfire

    Activists on both sides of reproductive rights in the U.S. are pressuring tech companies to change the way abortion information gets labeled and shared. “We may be on the verge of a digital civil war, where one group of states has rules on online speech that conflict with rules in another group of states," Center on Technology Policy director Matt Perault tells Axios.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Paxlovid — Especially, Should You Take It?

    Since Paxlovid became available, medical experts wonder if tweaking the timing could eliminate the rebound effect some experience. Current guidelines say the drug is not authorized for use “longer than five consecutive days” and not all clinicians agree. “For people who are really high-risk, it’s hard to say, ‘Just take Tylenol,’” said Dr. David Wohl. 

  • UNC leaders: We’ve got a plan to put more young people across NC on a better career path

    In a News & Observer opinion piece, Chancellor Guskiewicz and Anita Brown-Graham discuss the Carolina Across 100 initiative’s first program, “Our State, Our Work.” The program will allow the University to partner with community colleges, employers and other entities in 37 counties to help get more young people back to work and on track for successful careers.