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New neuro-oncology clinic prioritizes teamwork, individualized treatment

The multidisciplinary UNC Health clinic brings together brain and spine tumor experts and makes patient scheduling easier.

Dr. Carlos David, Dr. Yasmeen Rauf, Dr. Colette Shen and Dr. Dominique Higgins posing for a group photo in the waiting room of a medical facility.
"Our patients will be able to meet with all of the members of their brain or spine tumor care team in one convenient clinic location," said Dr. Dominique Higgins (far right). (UNC School of Medicine)

UNC Health has launched a new multidisciplinary neuro-oncology clinic, offering streamlined, high-quality care for patients with brain tumors and spine tumors by bringing all of the tumor specialists together in one convenient clinic location.

Neurosurgery faculty members will collaborate with other specialists from UNC Health to provide comprehensive care for all patients treated at the neuro-oncology clinic, allowing physicians to address individual patient needs before making an informed decision on the most effective treatment.

“The UNC Health multidisciplinary neuro-oncology clinic brings specialists from all areas of brain and spine tumor treatment together to provide the best possible care for patients,” said Dr. Dominique Higgins, a neurosurgical oncologist and assistant professor at the UNC School of Medicine. “Our team’s broad expertise allows us to accurately make the diagnosis and then provide the safest and most effective cutting-edge treatment strategy.”

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