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Brighten a colleague’s day with Cheers to Peers

Send a short message of big thanks to celebrate their good deeds, hard work and successes.

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(Illustration by Leighann Vinesett and Office of Human Resources/UNC-Chapel Hill)

Everyone likes to feel appreciated at work. Small words of gratitude can have a big impact on creating a positive working environment.

One way to show appreciation is to give a shout-out to a colleague or a team member through Cheers to Peers, an online website created by the Office of Human Resources. It’s a super-easy way to make a colleague’s day.

Here’s how it works: Submit a short message (no more than 75 characters) to say thanks or give credit where credit is due. The Cheers to Peers submission form will be open through Wednesday, Oct. 19. Messages will be published on the Employee Appreciation Day webpage on Friday, Oct. 21. You will be able to view and search all messages — the ones you’ve sent and the ones you’ve received!

HR introduced the Cheers to Peers program last year, as the pandemic disrupted campus life, including forcing the postponement of last fall’s Employee Appreciation Day activities. Instead, University leaders and hundreds of employees shared more than 1,000 messages of appreciation for their colleagues in recognition of hard work and dedication.

Dedication, support, guidance, leadership and collaboration were commonly used words in the posts.

Employees shared uplifting messages like:

  • “Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. I see you and I value your efforts.”
  • “You’re like sunshine on a rainy day! Thanks for always being there to help.”
  • “Your can-do spirit is infectious! Thank for you reaching out to help!”
  • “The joy and energy you bring to a Zoom meeting is unmatched! Thank you!”

And good humor added to the fun:

  • “It’s nice working for a fellow punctuation vigilante, hyphens and all!”
  • “75 characters is not enough — thanks also for always making me laugh.”

This year, Employee Appreciation Day events will be held Oct. 21 in and around the Frank Porter Graham Student Union. And you have another chance to send Cheers to Peers.

Other ways to show your appreciation

  • Use a few minutes at each staff or team meeting to allow anyone to offer a quick shout-out to a colleague.
  • Recognize an employee with a note of appreciation using your department’s digital signage system.
  • Say “thank you” as employees leave for the day, ending work on a positive note.
  • Be specific when you say “thank you,” adding why you appreciate a colleague or team.
  • Take a few moments to put pen to paper with a handwritten note.
  • Managers, create a habit of regularly saying thanks to your employees for their specific contributions.