UNC, USFQ research team receives $1M grant to study Galapagos marine ecosystems

The three-year $1 million grant will help researchers untangle how temperature influences the Galapagos marine food web.

An orange starfish on a rock in the ocean
With a three-year $1M grant, UNC and USFQ researchers will study how temperature affects marine ecosystems in the Galapagos. (UNC Center for Galapagos Studies)

Carolina’s John Bruno and USFQ’s Margarita Brandt will partner for the three-year grant, given from the National Science Foundation.

The project called Temperature Regulation of Top-Down Control in a Pacific Upwelling System will take place at Galapagos Science Center on San Cristobal Island.

The research team will untangle the roles of temperature, nutrient flux and predation in structuring the Galapagos marine food web. Specifically, the team will measure the temperature-dependance of herbivory and carnivory in rocky subtidal habitats.

“Our findings will also help us to forecast how global warming will affect this unique ecosystem in the near future,” said Bruno.

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