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New community website helps build digital relationships 

A new website serves as a one-stop-shop for neighbors and community members to easily find information about campus. 

community relations website
A new Community Relations website provides information for neighbors and community members. (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

Residents of Chapel Hill and beyond now have a source for hyperlocal University information directed to the community.

The University launched today. The site connects neighbors and community members with information relevant to them, including news about public events, how to reserve campus space and where to find volunteer opportunities.

“Carolina and its neighboring communities have a very long and close history that we cherish and want to continue to nurture through technology,” said Tanya Moore, associate vice chancellor for communications. “Our neighbors now have a tremendous information resource and another way to stay engaged with the University.”

The site features four key sections. In Community Updates, visitors can read the latest communications from University leaders that are sent to the campus by email. A list of key events calendars combines many of the University’s calendars ranging from Athletics to the General Alumni Association. Community members can also get information about how to get around when they visit campus, including where to park. To answer questions on how to do things, like volunteer or enjoy the outdoors, site visitors can click on I Want To.

This website also serves as a platform for key stories about how the University is connected to and serving the needs of the surrounding community.

“One of our goals, especially in this new environment with the COVID-19 pandemic, is to find new ways to build community virtually,” said Kristen Smith Young, director of community relations. “This website was in the works long before the pandemic and we believe this can be one new way we can stay connected and communicate with our neighbors and community partners.”