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Interior locks installed in all classrooms for new semester

A classroom door lock initiative that began last summer has now been completed, and interior locks have now been installed in 199 general purpose, 196 professional school and 125 departmental and laboratory classrooms across campus.

The new classroom locks will enhance the safety of University students, faculty and staff.

While locks existed in campus classrooms, most were external key locks only. The installation of additional hardware provides the option to lock classrooms from the inside or lock doors automatically when closed. 

The type of locking mechanism installed depends on existing door hardware and operation. In most cases, locking the door from the inside of the classroom is a manual operation. Doors with push bars have been modified with dial turn locks, thumb turn locks and Velcro straps. Double doors have new deadbolt locks, and lever handle doors have thumb locks.

Some classrooms feature the most dramatic modification, the installation of an emergency lockdown switch, typically placed adjacent to doors with electronic locking mechanisms. This device has a red PUSH button covered by a protective plastic shield. Activating the lockdown button will lock the adjacent door only; it will not lock other doors in the building, sound an alarm or alert UNC Police. 

In all classrooms, the people inside will be able to unlock and exit doors with a single-turn operation of the door handle, in compliance with building and fire codes. Building keyholders, UNC Police and other authorized personnel retain the ability to unlock classroom doors from the outside. 

The Facilities Services website at has step-by-step instructions for locking and unlocking the different types of door mechanisms in campus classrooms. Faculty, staff and students should review these materials and familiarize themselves with the specific hardware in their classrooms.

For questions about the installation or operation of classroom locks, contact Todd Going, director of building services, at 919-962-4633 or