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Carolina People: Kimberly Pack McCullen

Technology will continue to change parking operations, but Kimberly Pack McCullen said customer service will always be a core value of Transportation and Parking Services.

Kim McCullen poses for a photo
Kim McCullen (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

Kimberly Pack McCullen



5 years working at Carolina


What’s a typical day like in your job?

Each morning, we go over details for any special events before heading out to our assigned lots. In addition to citing cars that are parked illegally, we also take calls for dead batteries and to unlock vehicles when the owner is locked out. We also work a lot of special events, so we put out equipment such as cones and signboards. Sometimes we have to direct traffic, too. 

How does your work support Carolina’s mission?

I feel that our work fulfills the mission through public service. A lot of times we are the first point of contact for visitors on campus, and they base their opinion of the University on that first impression, so I always try to make it an excellent one.  

What do you like most about your work?

I really enjoy interacting with the students and have built a rapport with the ones I see on a regular basis. I get to work a lot of athletic events. I enjoy getting to know the coaches, fans, athletic staff and team members. In addition to working the special events, I enjoy the teamwork of our parking control staff, especially when we all work together as a single unit to accomplish a common goal.

Why do you think you recently received an Employee Excellence Award from transportation and parking services?

It was totally unexpected! Receiving this award was a reflection of my hard work, dedication and commitment. I’m always eager to help anyone at anytime with whatever I can. I believe that my empathy, sensitivity and genuine care for other people has helped me build a great rapport with faculty, staff, students and visitors.

How do you see your job changing in 10 years?

I think our parking operations on campus will be changed by technology and innovation. New technologies will replace the majority of parking permits, and parking enforcement will start to move more toward an e-ticket process. We already have new technology such as park mobile and license plate recognition. I think customer service and personal interactions will continue to be some of the core values of transportation and parking. There will always be a need for personal touch.