The Latest

  • Solar that sells

    Professor Jinsong Huang is working to change the renewable power industry with his perovskite solar cell method that will make solar energy more affordable.

  • Archaeologists open ‘virtual museum’ of ancient NC history online

    AncientNC site raises awareness of the 15,000-year history of North Carolina’s indigenous populations and provides educational resources for the state’s teachers and students.

  • Taking too many medications may increase frailty in older adults

    Research with older adults in Johnston County showed an increased risk of developing frailty from taking 5+ medications.

  • Climate game-changers

    For thousands of years, the northern Andes Mountains have acted as a carbon sink, preserving organic matter as thick soil. As the planet warms, what will happen to all that carbon? This past summer, Carolina undergraduates traveled to Ecuador to take a closer look.

  • Master of adaptation

    Ronit Freeman’s research crosses interdisciplinary boundaries and has potential applications in diagnostics, drug delivery and more.

  • Health equity is a matter of health quality for E.K. Graham award winner

    "Everyone deserves a chance to be healthy in this country and in this state. And that’s why I do the work that I do,” said Dr. Giselle Corbie-Smith, director of the UNC Center for Health Equity Research.

  • Mending broken hearts

    Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the U.S. — but what if there was a way to regenerate healthy heart cells? Cue Li Qian, who received the 2019 Hettleman Prize for Scholarly and Artistic Achievement for her groundbreaking work in cardiac reprogramming.

  • A leading research institution

    University Research Week (Nov. 4-8) features lectures, workshops, lab tours and more to make the campus community more familiar with the world-class research and the strategic initiatives that make Carolina one of the top research institutions in the world.

  • Carolina’s cores of discovery

    Technology, scientific expertise in over 80 facilities support $1.2 billion research enterprise.

  • How the core pipeline flows

    Mark Shen's autism research moves core to core through Carolina's collaboration pipeline.