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  • Focus Carolina: Elizabeth Frankenberg

    Using what she learned studying the effects of the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, she is working to understand how communities in eastern North Carolina are affected by and respond to flooding events.

  • Focus Carolina: Mike Ramsey

    Perseverance has paid off for Carolina’s inventor of the year. He created a small version of a mass spectrometer which allows first responders to quickly identify harmful airborne chemicals at a disaster scene.

  • Best of Focus Carolina

    Every day, faculty members at Carolina engage in groundbreaking research, innovative teaching and public service that makes an impact in our community and the state, nation and the world.

  • Focus Carolina: Lisa Carey

    A leading expert in breast cancer research, she works every day to better understand the disease and to find new treatment options for patients.

  • Focus Carolina: Mike Piehler

    As chief sustainability officer, Piehler harnesses faculty expertise to link sustainability practices across research, teaching and public service for North Carolina and to champion student ideas for change.

  • Focus Carolina: Patricia Johnson

    With masks mandated in many areas during the pandemic, the audiologist offers practical advice for communicating effectively and remaining safe.

  • Focus Carolina: John Bamforth

    He leads READDI, Carolina’s effort to find a treatment for COVID-19 and anticipate what medicines will be needed for future pandemics.

  • Focus Carolina: Terry Magnuson

    The leader of Carolina’s $1.1 billion research enterprise talks about how scientists are working to solve the most pressing challenges of our time.

  • Focus Carolina: Mary Palmer

    Palmer brings the taboo of incontinence into the open, working to help nursing students understand its impact on patients, the embarrassment it may cause them and how that affects their dignity.

  • Focus Carolina: Viji Sathy

    A professor in the College of Arts & Sciences’ department of psychology and neuroscience, she combines her expertise in inclusive teaching and innovative educational instruction to challenge and engage her students.