The Latest

  • Teaching Awards honor 25 educators

    Selected from more than 800 nominations, the winners of the 2022 University Teaching Awards will receive special recognition at the Jan. 15 men’s basketball game.

  • The science and poetry of snowflakes

    Whether you see them as “water with wings” or “hexagonal dendrites of ice,” snowflakes bring magic and wonder. Some even come from the Bahamas.

  • The lab of the future is here

    The renovated Morehead Laboratories nurtures collaboration, convergence and teamwork among students.

  • Mastering masked communication

    Teaching while masked is another skill Carolina’s faculty have needed to develop during the pandemic.

  • What can horror teach us?

    Ghosts, goblins and vampires are frightening, but students in Joe Fletcher’s horror literature class say the ongoing pandemic is far scarier. Thankfully, lessons from literature show how fear can be productive.

  • Lloyd Kramer: History is always complicated

    This year’s Jefferson Award winner emphasized Jefferson’s ideals of expanding knowledge, fostering diverse ideas and defending democracy, rather than his contradictions and his racist flaws.

  • Something magical happened

    As Carolina’s music department and alumni of the jazz program gather this weekend to honor longtime faculty member Jim Ketch, The Well shares a story about Ketch published in May 2020 as he neared retirement.

  • A strong library is critical

    A task force of librarians has been working hard to support core disciplinary needs and maintain the diversity of library collections in light of rising journal costs and University budget reductions, says University Librarian Elaine Westbrooks.

  • A merger of land and sea

    The union of disciplines in the new department of earth, marine and environmental sciences erases artificial boundaries and reflects natural connections.

  • Showing corporate social responsibility is good strategy

    Olga Hawn wants students to see when it pays for a company to be socially responsible and how to build these ideas into organizational culture.