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EduHeLx: A cloud-based programming platform for data science education

The pilot experiment informed future thinking about incorporating cloud-based technologies in Carolina courses, including courses in the new School of Data Science and Society.

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EduHeLx is an education-focused instance of HeLx, a scalable cloud-based computing platform developed by researchers at the Renaissance Computing Institute, a data science research institute at Carolina.

HeLx offers a suite of tools, capabilities and workspaces enabling research communities to deploy custom data science workspaces securely in the cloud.

EduHeLx was developed to address the needs of courses with programming components and currently supports programming using Python and R. Previously, students were required to download a course’s programming software onto their own computers, and instructors had to work one-on-one with students to troubleshoot issues throughout the semester; this was so time-consuming that it took away from teaching time and derailed course schedules, especially in computer science courses with more than 250 students.

With EduHeLx, infrastructure setup is not required by instructors or students—students can access a course’s programming software in the cloud without the need to download it, thus saving a significant amount of class time.

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