Graduate students collaborate in suicide prevention

The UNC School of Education graduate students’ interdisciplinary work informs suicide prevention and recovery efforts for the future.

Karen Hall, Katie Ingram and Cari Pittleman
From left: Karen Hall, Katie Ingram and Cari Pittleman. (Image courtesy of the UNC School of Education)

Graduate students at Carolina are working to destigmatize and to support suicide prevention awareness to provide better training for the next generation of educators and clinicians in North Carolina and beyond. September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month; but for families whose child experiences suicidal behaviors, the need for prevention and care goes beyond the month of awareness.

Three doctoral students at the UNC School of Education came to study the often taboo topic of suicide prevention and recovery. Cari Pittleman, Katherine Ingram and Karen Hall work with Marisa Marraccini, an assistant professor at the school, on research and clinical initiatives which span from counseling provided in school settings to both outpatient and inpatient care. Ingram recently received a $100,000 National Institute of Justice dissertation award to study the topic.

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