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Focus Carolina Special Edition: Jeff Greene

From the UNC School of Education, Jeff Greene provides important tips to help students stay engaged while learning at home.

Jeff Greene sits in a classroom
UNC School of Education associate professor Jeff Greene sits in a classroom at Peabody Hall on June 26, 2017, in Chapel Hill. Greene

Editor’s Note: During the pandemic, we will bring you special editions of Focus Carolina, featuring information to help you during these uncertain times.

Jeffrey A. Greene is the McMichael Distinguished Professor and associate dean for academic affairs and director of graduate studies in the UNC School of Education.

Greene leverages the science of learning to help people be better critical consumers and producers of information, particularly in online and technology environments.

Greene began his career in higher education administration and became interested in the science of learning as he watched some students struggle to translate their capacity into academic and lifetime success.

He believes that the vast majority of students, from kindergarten through graduate school, have the capability to achieve their goals. Many students struggle because they have not been exposed to the “hidden curriculum” of learning; this is what Greene strives to understand and communicate to students, educators, and parents.

With schools closed and students having to learn from home, it’s more important than ever for those students and their families to understand the science of learning, to help them succeed.

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Read a transcript of this interview.

Read a transcript of this interview.