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Candidates for Chair of the Faculty announced

Two candidates have been chosen to run for Chair of the Faculty in the 2020 Faculty Election.

Joy Renner and Mimi Chapman
Joy Renner and Mimi Chapman. (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

The Advisory Committee is charged with nominating candidates for Chair of the Faculty. They have selected two candidates to run for the position in the 2020 Faculty Election: Mimi Chapman and Joy Renner.

  • Mimi Chapman is a Professor of Social Work and Associate Dean for Doctoral Education in the School of Social Work.
  • Joy Renner is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Division of Radiologic Science in the School of Medicine.

The Faculty Election will be held via an electronic survey sent to the Voting Faculty in late March. Expect to learn more about each candidate in the lead-up to voting.