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New signs mark ‘no turn on red’ at 17 intersections

Safety concerns sparked town’s traffic ordinance

New "No Turn ON Red" sign located at the intersection of E. Cameron Ave. and Raleigh St. in Chapel Hill, NC. December 3, 2019. (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

New “No Turn On Red” signs are popping up on campus and around Chapel Hill as the town enforces an Oct. 2 Town Council ordinance to prohibit right turns on red at 17 intersections.

The ordinance is part of the town’s ongoing efforts to increase safety for people using the crosswalks and to decrease crashes at intersections. Of the 191 accidents involving cars and pedestrians or bicyclists over the last 10 years, 12 occurred when a driver turned right on red, according to data cited by the town’s Transportation and Connectivity Advisory Board.

Most of the intersections are in the central business district, near campus and at other locations with high pedestrian traffic. (See the exact locations on the map at right.)

Places where right turns on red are now prohibited include:

  • On Franklin Street where it crosses Columbia, Hillsborough and Henderson streets and at the entrance to Eastgate Shopping Center;
  • On Columbia Street where it crosses Rosemary Street and Cameron Avenue;
  • On Rosemary Street where it crosses Hillsborough, Henderson and Church streets;
  • On Manning Drive where it crosses Ridge Road and Paul Hardin Drive;
  • On South Road where it crosses Country Club Road and Columbia Street (westbound only);
  • From Caswell Road (both approaches) to Estes Drive;
  • At Raleigh Street and Cameron Avenue/Country Club Road; and
  • At Raleigh Road (NC 54) and Hamilton Road; and
  • At Cameron Avenue and Pittsboro Street.

“I support the town’s ongoing efforts to increase safety for people in crosswalks and to decrease accidents at intersections in town and on campus,” said UNC Police Chief David Perry. “Now that Chapel Hill has installed ‘No Turn On Red’ signs at each of the impacted intersections, we will partner with the Chapel Hill Police Department to provide periodic education and enforcement to remind motorists and pedestrians of the change.”