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ITS launches ServiceNow, a new online help desk

Key people in the ServiceNow rollout use ServiceNow for a mock major outage.

On July 30, ITS launched a new and the underlying system used for support, called ServiceNow. ServiceNow will replace Remedy as the primary ticketing software for the University. 

The new website and system will bring many benefits to users, including the ability to find answers faster with better knowledge articles, track requests and support tickets and chat live with IT support staff.

A significant benefit of ServiceNow is increased transparency for users. Remedy did not provide a way for users to view the status of their tickets or communicate with the people working on them. ServiceNow not only provides a feature for users and fulfillers to communicate, but actively encourages communication. This change makes fulfilling requests more efficient for fulfillers by making it easier to obtain information directly from the requester.

Additionally, notifications and updates will come via email from ServiceNow. To check the status of a request or problem, users need only to visit and click on “My Requests” in the top menu.

Last year, the ITS Service Desk provided assistance on nearly 50,000 tickets that were submitted online in some fashion. As more support requests move to online chat or web submission, this improved platform makes it easier for ITS to deliver support using the methods that users prefer. As always, support technicians are also available by calling 919-962-HELP or by visiting the ITS Service Desk on the lower level of the Undergraduate Library.

To give feedback for how ITS can improve the site, click the “provide feedback” link in the footer of the site.