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Adding 5 new coaches says something good about Carolina

Carolina athletics has hired five new coaches – the most in one year in decades. Meet Courtney Banghart and the other four new or returning Tar Heels.

Courtney Banghart Head coach Women's Basketball (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

Carolina athletics has hired five new coaches – the most in one year in decades.

There’s a reason why having so many openings is so rare, Athletics Director Bubba Cunningham said. When people come here to coach, they stick around a while to do great things.

“We have nine head coaches who have won national championships, and I think we’ve added more coaches who will one day join that club.”

Mack Brown was lured out of retirement to return to Carolina, and the other new coaches left great jobs to be here, Cunningham said. That says something good about Carolina.

“When you talk about select schools in the country where you can win national championships, get a great education, be a part of a great league and live in a great part of the country, Carolina is always going to be in the conversation.”

What’s his message to fans for the coming year?

“I haven’t seen this much excitement and enthusiasm in quite some time. I would encourage you to join us in the stands or watch us on television. It’s a great time to be a Carolina Tar Heel and to be proud of what’s going on at our University.”

To read about the new coaches, click on their names below:

Courtney Banghart, women’s basketball

Mack Brown, football

Mark Gangloff, swimming and diving

Matt Jednak, fencing

Chris Miltenberg, track and field