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Librarians discover anti-Semitic posters placed in Davis Library

Anti-semitic posters found in Davis concerns students.

A picture of Davis Library
Views of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus on June 19, 2018. (Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)

UNC Police are investigating the posting of several anti-Semitic posters on bookshelves and tables in Davis Library this week.

Although the two incidents are not believed to be related, the discovery at the library closely follows another racist incident on campus, the March 31 defacement of the Unsung Founders Memorial on McCorkle Place. The University has trespassed the two people charged with vandalizing the statue with urine and racist language written in permanent marker.

“I am extremely disappointed and appalled that anyone would write these abhorrent messages and direct them toward members of our Jewish community,” wrote Interim Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz in an April 10 campus email. “This behavior conflicts with the University’s long-standing commitment to fostering an environment where all students, faculty and staff can be free from harassment.”

Anyone with information or who saw suspicious activity related to the flyers found in the library should call 911.

Campus and community resources and information about discrimination and harassment are available online. To report an incident of prohibited discrimination and harassment to the University, contact the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office, now located at 214 W. Cameron Ave.